Bircroft Developers Real Estate Insurance Services


Development is all about managing risks to produce good returns through the timely delivery of a quality infrastructure. Bircroft’s experience in all aspects of property development means that our clients can focus on the project itself, safe in the knowledge that, should the unexpected happen, they will have the right protection in place to minimise the impact on their goals.

More so than the other areas of real estate, developers face higher levels of risk, both financially and legally, even simply as an employer. We understand this and work very carefully to make sure the developers we work with have the cover they need for the periods they need it. We know that one size rarely fits all, and certainly will not protect all, so we work hard up front to understand a project and its risks.

We can offer insurance cover for the whole development timeframe including;

  • Permanent and temporary works
  • Temporary buildings and fixtures and fittings
  • Constructional plant, tools and equipment
  • Hired in plant
  • Employer's liability
  • Public liability
  • Personal accident
  • Legal expenses
  • Protection against liability for damage to adjacent or surrounding property

If you would like to know more about our development solutions, please contact Ian Lee on 020 7397 0680.